In gameplay terms, Luigi’s Mansion 3 continues the tradition of steering the green brother away from his roots as a platform game hero. However, that genre’s tradition of collecting a bunch of shiny trinkets in the pursuit of completionist perfection remains alive and well. By using your Poltergust G-00’s many functions to poke and prod the furnishings of the bizarre Last Resort Hotel you can uncover a whopping 102 gems spread across 17 floors.

There’s a lot of joy to be found in uncovering every last one of these gems, with many hidden behind the game’s most interesting puzzles. However, there’s bound to be some holdouts for every player – this guide will clue you into those you’re missing, with maps, room names, location and full solutions for every gem.

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Once you have completed the opening sequence and seen the title screen, you’ll begin the game proper in the basement. As you get further in the adventure, the basement becomes your base of operations – playing host to E. Gadd’s lab. Note that you won’t be able to grab certain gems until after you have acquired the dark-light device (first visit to floor 2) and partnered up with Gooigi (first visit to floor 5).

To the left of E. Gadd’s vintage car is another covered with a sheet. Vacuum up the sheet to find a blinking green light in the trunk. Use your flashlight’s Strobulb on the light and the trunk will open, giving you the floor’s white gem.

In the lefthand side of the parking lot, use Gooigi to walk into the meshed area. Fire Gooigi’s plunger at the breaker box on the left, and fire your strobulb at the blinking green light this uncovers. This will activate the machine at the back of the area, granting you access to the floor’s red gem.

In the upper righthand corner of the parking lot is a metal panel. Remove this with your plunger and walk through the opening.

You’re now inside the elevator shaft: locate the ladder on the righthand side and climb to the top (passing the gem). Use Gooigi to fall through the grate in the upper left of this walkway to the level below.

In the right-half of the laundry room, fire the plunger at the door of the middle washing machine. Pull the plunger’s rope with your vacuum to free the green gem in the drum.

Use the Poltergust’s Dark-Light Device on the painting of a gem immediately outside of the parking lot to claim the floor’s violet gem.

In the stairwell leading to the first floor there is a grate to the left of the upper level. Have Gooigi drop through and free the gold gem on the platform below.

“Floor 1” is easily the smallest floor in the game, covering just the hotel’s ground-floor lobby. Everything north of the stairs is actually considered Floor 2 – nonetheless, Next Level Games decided not to short-change the player on gems for this floor and there are still six to find total. You will need the dark-light device and Gooigi, so don’t expect to claim them all on your first visit.

Fire the Poltergust’s Dark-Light Device at the empty, open space under the window in the nook at the west of the grand lobby to discover a hidden sofa.

Once the sofa materialises, a crystal ghost will appear. Catch him as you would any other ghost and he will shatter, relinquishing the floor’s white gem.

Fire the plunger at the hotel emblem on the desk to the right of the grand lobby’s staircase (and then pull it). A mechanism will activate, and the painting of the hotel will open to reveal a red gem.

In the left of the lobby’s upper level is a long red carpet. Blow air out of your Poltergust at the carpet and it will roll up, revealing a grate below. Send Gooigi through.

Walk Gooigi towards the camera and behind the gem hanging on the wall. Execute a stomp (ZL+ZR) and the blue gem will crash to the desk below – freed from its frame and ready for you to grab.

The green gem is conspicuously trapped in a plant to the right of the first floor elevator. Fire your plunger at the plant pot, walk backwards and throw to smash the plant and free the gem.

Get behind the main reception desk by using the stomp move (ZL+ZR). Fire your Strobulb at the blinking green light on the right and the violet gem will drop on the rear desk.

Use Luigi and Gooigi to step on the two floor-switches either side of the lobby’s chandelier, which will lower as each switch is stepped on. Use the Poltergust’s suction with both Luigi and Gooigi (press ZR to take in air and keep it pressed while you push the right stick in to switch to the other character). With the power of both Poltergusts, the chandelier will rotate quick enough to dislodge a shower of coins and eventually, the floor’s gold gem.

The east wing of the Mezzanine, containing the dining hall, kitchen and entertainment room, isn’t immediately accessible to the player. Expect to return once you have Gooigi in tow – you can grab gems 2 (Red) and 4 (Green) on your first visit, however.

In the men’s restroom (the rightmost of the two), rip the door off the third stall with the Poltergust’s plunger to find a levitating newspaper. Use the suction mode (ZR) to grab a corner of the newspaper – a crystal ghost will be revealed. Defeat him to claim the Mezzanine’s white gem.

In the room where you find E. Gadd trapped in a painting is a chandelier that can be turned with a sustained blast from your Poltergust. Doing so will draw back the shutters on the annex to the left of the room – Once open, head inside for the red gem.

Once you have access to the east wing of the second floor (post floor 5), defeat the chef-ghost boss in the kitchen and open the walk-in freezer behind the leftmost metal door.

While you’re nearly getting eaten by the gigantic angler fish (fire your plunger at its dangling illicium), note the block of ice on the shelves to the left.

Pick up the block of ice with your Poltergust and take it to the island of hobs in the center of the kitchen (turn the hobs on if they’re not on already). The block of ice will melt, freeing the blue gem.

Use your Poltergust to suck up all of the uniforms and coats on the rail at the left of the dressing room. Fire your Strobulb at the safe behind the final coat and you will be rewarded with the green gem.

This gem is once again in the east wing of the Mezzanine accessible after floor 5. Enter the Entertainment room and take one of the crossed swords off of the crest on the righthand wall above the Billiards Table with your Poltergust’s suction. The sword will wedge itself in the nozzle of the Poltergust. Walk to the back of the room and fire the sword at the dartboard (expel air with ZL). The board will open to reveal the violet gem.

Either side of the dining hall’s doors are two wall-mounted fans (the left one hidden behind the menu board – throw it aside with your plunger). Get Luigi and Gooigi to aim air at the fans (remember to switch to the other character while ZR is held) and the gold gem will drop from the ceiling.

The hotel’s shopping mall is the first new floor you visit after you team up with Gooigi – accordingly, a good amount of the gems (and most of the rest of what you can do) involves controlling your viscous doppelganger.

Either side of the top of the escalators in the upper mall you will find a gate. The rightmost one can be opened with a stomp (ZL+ZR). Follow the path round and duck out into the main hallway.

You will find yourself on an upper-level overlooking the elevator. Follow the ledge round and open the chest in the crawlspace at the end to receive the white gem.

The rightmost shop on the lower level of the mall is a dress shop. As with all shops, you can only get through the sliding gate at the front with Gooigi. Remove the dress from the display mannequin on the left and fire the Poltergust’s plunger at the target on its chest – this will open a secret door behind a mirror towards the back of the shop.

Head into the newly opened door to find the red gem on a beam above a chest. Use your Poltergust’s suction to grab the gem.

On the second floor, outside of the mall cop’s office is a vending machine. Fire the Strobulb at the blinking green light many times and after chucking single coins, and several rats, it will dispense the blue gem (you will not get the gem if you use the plunger to destroy the vending machine, as you may have done on other floors. Head to another floor and return to reset the vending machine if needed).

In the far-left corner of the upper level of the mall, outside of the gem store, you can use the Poltergust’s Dark-Light Device to reveal a ladder, leading to a third level of the mall. Walk to the far right, killing the bats that descend on you as you go (stomp with ZL+ZR if Luigi starts cowering). At the far end you will find a chest – open it for your green gem.

The fifth gem is hiding in the restrooms down the righthand corridor on the first level of the floor. Enter the men’s restroom. Pull the metal panel of the left wall to reveal a green pipe. If you send Gooigi through the pipe you will soon find that the women’s restroom is currently flooded.

Instead, note that there is a drain visible in the mirror in the men’s restroom that isn’t visible on the floor. Use your dark-light beam to bring the drain back into existence and send Gooigi down there.

Walk left under the floor to get beneath the women’s restroom and use the Poltergust to turn the valve here, stopping the flow of water. Recall Gooigi and send him through the green pipe to claim the violet gem, perched on the leftmost of the ladies’ porcelain thrones.

The floor’s final gem is in, of all places, the gem shop (the leftmost shop on the upper level of the mall). There are a couple of steamer trunks in this shop that can be thrown around with the plunger – you should use these to smash everything you possibly can, but the main event here is the golden gem in the rear cabinet.

This concert hall floor is kept relatively simple to focus on a lengthy boss fight in the main auditorium. Nonetheless, the various backstage and front-of-house rooms play host to a number of fun to find gems.

Please note that gem four (green) will not be available until you have reached floor 12, well into the back half of the game (you may want to skip over it in our guide if you would prefer to miss a minor spoiler).

As can be seen in the mirror, there is a set of taps missing in the ladies toilet on floor four (the restroom of the left). Hit the empty space above the righthand sink with your Dark-Light Device to awaken a crystal ghost – defeat it for the white gem.

Once you have defeated the fourth floor boss, exit stage left to enter his dressing room – hit the broken piano with the Dark-Light beam to repair the piano and receive the red gem.

In the men’s restroom (right of the two), send Gooigi behind the folding barrier to pull the flush mechanism using his Poltergust. The panel on the right-side of the room will turn into a boo – walk up to the door and use it (Luigi will reach into its mouth and be transported to the neighbouring room).

You will now be in the snack stand. Note the safe on the left and the bottles on the back shelf. When you pass air over the necks of the bottles they will play the notes of the Luigi’s Mansion theme – and the top display of the safe will light up. Simply blow (ZL) and walk from the left to the right and the safe will open, giving you the blue gem.

This gem is not available to you until you have reached floor 12 and returned from a detour back to floor B2.

There is the outline of a hatch towards the left of the stage. Stomp (ZL+ZR) and a plug socket will rise out of the ground.

Assuming you have been given the Super Suction upgrade by E. Gadd, using the plug socket will allow you to point the Poltergust at the rear wall of the stage, slowly ripping it apart to reveal a ghost orchestra. This lot are very dedicated to their craft and you can get an achievement medal for vacuuming up every last one. The only thing you can’t suck up is a television against the back wall.

Disengage the super suction once you’ve had your fill and walk up to the tv – enter it with the A button and you’ll be beamed to the left-hand balcony. Use your vacuum to grab the green gem.

The violet gem can be found inside the brass horn in the elevator lobby and requires both Luigi and Gooigi. Use one character to blow into the mouthpiece with ZL, switch to the other character by pressing in the right stick, and use the Poltergust’s suction mode (ZR) to grab the gem.

Hit the flashing green light on the popcorn stand enough times and the machine will burst, giving you the gold gem.

The floor of the hotel where the game’s heroes are initially accommodated will be the first floor you (re)visit once E. Gadd is freed on Floor 2. Gems in the west-wing will have to be claimed after you’ve returned from E. Gadd’s mission here – see Gem 2 (Red) for details on how to access this corridor.

On the balcony of E. Gadd’s fifth floor suite, take a look through the telescope and have a nice long look at the scenery – in short order you will be interrupted by a crystal ghost. Defeat it for the floor’s white gem.

You can access the suites featured in the beginning of the game by firing the Poltergust’s plunger at the sofa blocking the way with both Luigi and Gooigi and pulling simultaneously (switch from one character the other while holding one of the plungers with the active character). Doors to all of the rooms in this corridor must first be hit with the dark-light device to appear.

The first suite in the corridor, 501, is Princess Peach’s room. You can access the balcony of her room by using the Dark-Light beam in the righthand corner to find a door.

Once on the balcony, you can continue heading right – there’s a gargoyle here holding the red gem.

In the seating area right of the elevator is a vending machine – fire your plunger at the circular pattern on the glass and pull to destroy the vending machine, revealing a hidden door leading to the Laundry Room.

There is a panel in the upper left of the laundry room through which you can glimpse the blue gem. Use your plunger again to get at it.

The northern hallway is lined with alcoves containing various sculptures. Pick up one of the metal ones with the Poltergust’s suction and launch it at the glass one between rooms 505 and 506 to release the green gem.

The room next to E. Gadd’s suite has a bathroom in disarray. You can access the crawlspace behind the bath via an opening to the left.

Move the furniture on the left side of the crawl space and walk through to the area on the right containing the violet gem.

Access the corridor described in Floor 5: Gem 2 above. The second room along is Mario’s. Try not to be too shocked at the amount of pizza he was apparently eating (didn’t you just arrive?). The bathroom for this suite is blocked by a trolley – toss it aside with your plunger and head in.

If you blow air at the taps in this room, you’ll find that they move but no water emerges. Send Gooigi down the drain in the middle of the room and you’ll find out why.

Under the floorboards, fire your plunger at the planks covering up the valve and turn it with Gooigi’s Poltergust. Now switch back to Luigi and turn the taps on – the bath will fill up. Use the suction mode to grab the contents – there’s a yellow container here that you should plunger and throw to open. Inside is the gold gem.

The first three level floor you will encounter and one of the more expansive on the game, the Medieval-themed Castle MacFrights plays host to at least one gem on every level.

Once you have defeated the floor’s boss, exit via the steps to the right and walk around the balcony leading back to the entrance. On your way you will find a couple of suits of armor propped up – the leftmost gives up the white gem when shaken.

The hallway immediately after entering the castle façade is flanked by sets of armor standing in alcoves. The alcove in the upper right is empty – hit it with the dark-light beam to discover another suit of armor. Fire the plunger at its chest and throw it across the room – you will receive the red gem.

The large barrels of the cellar can be opened by firing the plunger at the front-facing surface and pulling. The rightmost barrel contains a few rats, but more importantly, there is actually a hole in its righthand wall – heading right you will find a ladder to climb and a blue gem to grab.

The hallway immediately outside of the boss room (the Coliseum) has an empty alcove covered by a tapestry – vacuum the tapestry up and hit the alcove with the dark-light device and you will discover a door. This leads to the Royal Coffers – hoover up all the gold and pick up the green gem.

Accessed immediately after the terrace overlooking the coliseum, the armory has some conspicuously different brickwork in the center of its rear wall. Fire the plunger at these bricks, pull and a mechanism will lift the wall, revealing a chest. Inside is the violet gem.

Once you’ve taken both characters to the bottom of the cage-lift room you will see the yellow gem in a cage hanging above the centre of the room. This can be lowered by blasting air at the propeller on the left-hand side of the room – once the cage is on the floor, simply walk into it with Gooigi to get at the gem.

One of the tallest floors in the game, the central hall is dominated by a massive vertical window and an overgrown plant you must ascend. There are technically five levels, though only four are mapped (the blue gem is on the fifth level), hence it is shown here floating in dead-space.

The ‘Ivy Bathroom’ is more recognisably the bathroom with several huge watermelons growing in it. A drain can be found (via use of the dark-light device) next to the toilet in the lower left corner – send Gooigi down it once you’ve brought the drain back into existence.

Under the floorboards, Gooigi will find that the pipework leading to the bath is incomplete – hit the missing section with your dark-light beam and prove that the Mario Bros. never gave up on plumbing – they just sometimes outsource it to supernatural labor.

We’re not quite done here – switch back to Luigi and hit the taps on the bath with a stream of air. This will cause the water to fill the bath, but the gem is actually Gooigi’s to grab – the pipe leaks on the flower in the lower right and it spits out the white gem.

The plant-filled blooming suite holds the red gem. Fire your plunger at the circular feature on the sideboard to reveal a green pipe. Have Gooigi climb through and he will appear on top of the four-poster bed. There is a light-sensitive flower here – fire off your Strobulb to claim the gem inside.

Ascend to the very top of the plant in the Garden Suites and head left. In the back wall, hidden under plenty of greenery, is an access hatch to a walkway beyond the atrium’s huge window. Walk right and use your vacuum to grab the blue gem through a hole in the wall.

In the mushroom-filled bedroom, follow the path up and over the bed on the left-hand side of the room and head down under the floorboards. A green pipe can be seen in the foreground here – the entrance is a green pipe in the rear wall immediately to the right of a line of mushrooms (you can see Gooigi behind the light-sensitive flower in the middle of our screenshot).

The blooming bathroom is a room filled with piles of blossom petals just begging to be vacuumed up. Clear the piles in the bathtub and the violet gem will make itself known. Continue clearing the petals and you’ll find that the pile in front of the toilet covers a drain.

Send Gooigi down under the floorboards once again and check out all the pipes on the righthand side of the room. The leftmost of the three will let Gooigi emerge in the bathtub to claim the violet gem.

At the right of the very first hallway of the Garden Suites, your dark-light device can reveal the gold gem beneath a framed painting.

The Last Resort Hotel has its own film studio lot-themed floor with five movie sets readied for production of various genres – horror, historical epic, monster movie and more. The layout here is relatively simple, perhaps because the main puzzle is relatively complex (requiring you to transport certain key items from one studio to another via a network of television monitors).

The basket of a bicycle in the upper right of the fire set has a suspicious piece of cloth in it. Vacuum and pull the cloth to reveal a crystal ghost – defeat it to claim the white gem for this floor.

Step into the lower left corner of the studio’s reception area and direct a current of air at the corner of the rug here – it will roll up revealing a star pattern on the floor. The star will then rise out of the floor, revealing the red gem.

This gem is found encased in an ice block on a lighting scaffold above the central ‘backstage’ area. You can access the scaffold using the cherry picker in the rear-left corner – have luigi climb on the platform and turn the crank using Gooigi’s Poltergust.

Walk Luigi along the scaffold to the ice block on the right, pick it up, and take it with you back to floor level.

A key puzzle-solving mechanic in Paranormal Productions involves using the television monitors to transport items from set to set, and this gem uses the same logic. You’ll want to take your ice block to a set containing fire – ‘Studio 3: Fire Set’ being the most obvious candidate.

Drop the ice block onto the set and use the film camera with Luigi. Press the right stick in to bring Gooigi into play, pick up the ice block and walk it into the fire to free the blue gem.

Aim your Poltergust at the helicopter hanging outside the elevator and the door will eventually open, giving you the violet gem.

On the left side of the film reel on the reception desk in the studio entrance is a rope you can pull with the Poltergust. Doing so will cause the camera sculpture on the wall to whirr into life, eventually opening a hatch containing the gold gem.

Gems on this floor are all densely packed within the elevator hall, with the north hall reserved for a particularly intense boss fight. If you’ve ever walked into an archaeological museum and just wanted to smash absolutely everything in sight, this is the floor for you.

Four of the gems on this floor require that you smash something, and this is the first. Once you have defeated the floor’s boss, grab a dinosaur vertebrate from the exhibition hall and take it with you to the elevator hall.

Smash the display cabinet in the southeast corner of the elevator hall and release a crystal ghost. As ever, defeat it to claim the white gem for this floor.

Blast a sustained stream of air at the swivelling chair behind the reception desk and eventually, the whole thing will spin upside down to reveal a chest on the underside. Open the chest for your red gem.

Behind the large fuschia-coloured plants in the left-hand corridor is a blinking green light. Fire your Strobulb at it, and the dinosaur skeleton will be hoisted upwards to reveal a safe. Fire your Strobulb at the green light on the safe to receive the blue gem.

Back to smashing – get a dinosaur bone if you don’t already have one, and launch it at the Pterodactyl hanging on display immediately outside the elevator. The green gem will drop for you to pick up.

Smash the display cabinet in the southwest corner and notice that the leftmost stand is empty. Fire your dark-light device at the empty space to materialise the violet gem.

The smashable display case that clues you into smashing display cases. Chuck a dinosaur bone at the glass and grab the golden gem.

After the slightly jumbled order of the first few floors, Luigi’s Mansion 3 falls into a predictable sequence where each new floor visited is simply the one above the last. Your destination after Floor 9 is the one exception – you’ll be required to head to the sub-basement level where the hotel’s sewer and power generation appears to be managed. On your first visit here you will find that some secrets and rooms are inaccessible – you’ll return later in the game.

Take a close look at the alcove in the brick room containing a rotating bridge and you may just be able to see the outline of a ghost against the wall – pick up one of the neon-coloured paint cans strewn across the floor and throw it at the wall – a crystal ghost will spring from the wall for you to fight, with the white gem as the prize.

The storage room accessible in the lower left of the central room leading to the boss chamber appears to be a small closet when you first enter. However, a green pipe hidden behind the mop-bucket will lead Gooigi to a hidden room beyond the wall.

Have Luigi turn the valve above him to the right – this will stop the water pouring into the room Gooigi entered. Head through the green pipe on the right and Gooigi will end up under the floor. Switch back to Luigi and turn the valve back to the left – this will stop the water over the red gem, allowing Gooigi to claim it.

Exiting the central room via the right exit brings you to a small observation room. Walk down-screen and notice that the copper pipes leading to empty space – use your dark-light device to fill the gap.

Fire your Strobulb at the blinking green light on the console at the far end of the room and once the coffee maker is finished, the hatch under the console will swing open, revealing the blue gem.

The green gem can be found hanging from a short chain in the south-east corner of the sewer. Once the sewer is drained, you can use the lift by pulling the chain at ground level – have one character stand on the lift, one character pull the chain. The character on the lift should be able to dislodge the gem with a blast from the Poltergust.

(Regarding the possessed chest here – feed Gooigi to it and use the dark-light device to defeat it)

In the northern part of the drained sewer, what appears to be a periscope can be seen breaking through the floor. Fire your plunger at the lens and pull to reveal a green pipe. Send Gooigi through.

So it was a periscope. The submarine’s residents appear to have left a burning fuel canister unattended. Carry the cannister and its flame over to the stove on the right – the pot will boil over, relinquishing the violet gem.

In this pipe-filled room immediately right of the elevator room, you can uncover the central green pipe by vacuuming a fake brick wall. Send Gooigi through and he will appear on the scaffolding to the right of the room (when you first arrive, the key to exit this room will be here). Before dropping down to floor-level, walk left behind the wall and you will reach the gold gem.

The Ancient Egyptian themed Tomb Suites is one of the most interesting though unorthodox floors of the hotel. Though four levels deep, gems on this floor are only located on levels 4 (the level you arrive on in the elevator) and 2 (the level with the various deadly puzzle rooms).

You’ll be spending most of your Tomb Suites playtime in the Pyramid’s central chamber and adjoining rooms. An obvious thing to do here is to use your plunger to open the various sarcophagi around the walls – the one by the east door contains several nested within each other like Matryoshka dolls. The smallest one contains a crystal ghost – defeat it for the white gem.

At the end of the corridor leading to the desert you will find a snake statue with the red gem in its mouth. Pull the tail of the snake with one character, and switch to the other to vacuum up the gem.

The northern puzzle chamber sees you quickly finding and throwing different shaped jewels into sockets on the walls in order to survive a poisonous haze. Once solved, you’re free to leave – however, before you do, you should open/smash the pots either side of the statue at the back. The left one contains a cross-shaped gem.

The socket for the jewel is found just inside of the entrance to the chamber, on the left-hand wall – pop the jewel in the socket and you will receive the blue gem.

The western puzzle chamber sees you using a set of scales to match various animal symbols while a spiked ceiling descends towards you. Once completed, vacuum up the sand towards the left of the room to find a drain – send Gooigi down and grab the green gem from a chest under the floor. (If you return to this room later in the game, the drain appears to be automatically uncovered).

SAND. We love the simulation of sand in this game and how it reacts to the Poltergust, and the sandy grand hall containing the Pyramid has a lot of the stuff to play with. If you’re not already planning on vacuuming up ever last grain in this room, you should know that the violet gem is buried in the west of the grand hall, roughly in line with the lower-left corner of the pyramid.

Poking out of the dunes in the southeast of the sandy grand hall containing the Pyramid is a stone snake. Vacuum up the sand it and you will discover missing segments: the first is in its middle.

And the second is near the snake’s tail – hit them with the dark-light device. Once these segments are restored, the mouth of the snake will open to reveal the gold gem.

Though only a single level tall, the stage magic themed Twisted Suites packs a fair number of rooms into a slightly disorientating floorplan. The exits of the rooms are jumbled up immediately before the boss battle – doors suddenly lead to the entirely disconnected rooms – but exits return back to normal once the boss ghosts are defeated.

The bathroom in the south west of floor 11 has a large light fixture with the suits of various playing cards on it. This rotates and lights up every time a playing card is vacuumed up – find all of the cards to receive the white gem. The cards can be found:

Direct a stream of air at the throwing dagger carousel at the rear of the room. Once a full set of spectral daggers have been thrown (they will form a square), you will receive the red gem.

The blue gem can be found by smashing a piggy bank on top of the fridge in the upper left of this room.

On the right side of the stage is a panel covering a blinking green light. Use your plunger to remove the panel. Firing the Strobulb at the green light will open the glass cabinets on the left and right side of the room for a short time – you’ll need to use both characters to fire the Strobulb and vacuum up the green gem from the cabinet on the left side of the room.

As you walk into the hall outside of the boss room a large top hat will fall on Luigi – you can free him by stomping (ZL+ZR). However, if you put the hat back on and head right, you will find a statue of the floor’s spectral magician trio, with one conspicuously lacking a hat – pop the hat on her and a set of stairs will appear, leading to a chest with the violet gem.

In the east of floor 11 is a bedroom where the bed initially appears to be levitating thanks to a large mirror positioned for an optical illusion. Enter the door on the right of this room to enter the adjoining bathroom – note that in the righthand mirror you can see that there is a painting of a dice-shaped gem on the wall diagonally across from it (at a right angle from the sink). Fire your dark-light device at this painting and you will receive the gold gem.

A pirate’s cove themed floor with just three rooms – the north hall contains an entire beach and an impossibly expansive sea, though, so you can hardly complain. Your first trip here will be somewhat abortive – expect to grab all but the gold gem on your second visit.

Hit the crate and skull structure in the southwest corner of the pirate cave with your dark-light device to reveal a pully system. Use the plunger to pull the rope, revealing the white gem.

Gather coconuts from the trees on the beach and throw them at the mermaid statue on the left-hand island. Once the statue breaks, a crystal ghost will appear for you to defeat – it carries the red stone.

Once you have had E. Gadd upgrade the Poltergust to give you the super suction ability, rip up the floor furnishings to reveal a red trail leading to an X beneath the lefthand side of the reception desk. Stomp on the X (ZL+ZR) and you will receive the blue gem.

Once you have defeated the Floor 12 boss, climb the ladder to the left and remove a sheet from a barrel in the upper left corner.

Walk up to the barrel for a map to some treasure – follow its directions by first heading to the righthand side of the beach (the camera does a good job of hiding the fact that you can walk to the righthand shore, but you can)

Use your dark-light device to reveal a couple of bridges leading to the treasure island (pick up gem 5 when you reach the first island).

Use the dark-light device to reveal a treasure chest at the back of the island – open it and you will receive the green gem.

Vacuum on the first small island you reach en route to gem 4 above, and you will find the violet gem buried in the sand.

Behind the reception desk in the elevator hall can be found an indestructible metal globe (on the shelf on the back wall). Pick this up with your Poltergust.

Fire the metal globe at the spheres hanging on a ropes from the ceiling – the rightmost sphere contains the gold gem.

What hotel is complete without a fitness center? The biggest challenge in finding the gems here is that this floor is particularly dense with puzzles to solve, with plenty of fitness machines and other mechanisms – there are plenty of clever details to notice that will add to your gold reserves instead.

Walk up to the bell on the reception desk and use it to ding it. Walk towards one of the exits and Luigi will be startled by a reply from the bell. Return and ding it again, and a crystal ghost will appear. Defeat it for the white gem.

On the raised area to the south of the weight room is a weighing machine – if you stand on it, you can see in the mirror that a panel will open on the room’s left pillar, revealing the red gem. You will need to leave one character on the weighing machine and send the other to retrieve the gem with their Poltergust.

In the lefthand half of the locker room you can pull various items of sports equipment off of the shelves. Take a boxing glove and throw it at the sign below the light to free the blue gem.

De-fog the shower room with your poltergust, defeat the showering ghosts and turn off the showers. Send Gooigi down the drain in the center of the room – the green gem is in the righthand pipe.

In the training room, you can cycle through various energetic remixes of the Luigi’s Mansion theme by using the Strobulb multiple times on the sound system in the corner. As suggested by the phonecall, the third channel is key here – though the distressing screeching and sudden green mood lighting aren’t what we like to workout to, personally.

After a short period of flashing lights and spectral wails, three ghosts – two gold, one crystal – will appear for you to defeat. The crystal ghost carries the violet gem.

Immediately outside the Floor 14 elevator, you will see a large circular dumbbell emblem on the floor. Step on it with Luigi and the shape will sink into the ground slightly. Get Gooigi to stand on it as well, and the trophy cabinet to the right will open up, allowing you to grab the gold gem.

Is there anything more terrifying than disco? This explosion of colour and bad taste on the fourteenth floor is another of those levels more focussed around a large boss-arena than the few rooms that lead up to it, but the gems here offer some particularly good ah-ha moments.

The table closest to the camera is missing on the lefthand balcony – bring it into existence with the dark-light device and fight a crystal ghost for the white gem.

On the far wall of both balconies is a record deck. Use both Luigi and Gooigi to blast air out of both decks, causing the disco ball to fall and shatter, leaving you with the red gem.

After the floor 14 boss fight, you may notice that the two squares on the illuminated floor are dark – get Luigi and Gooigi to stand on them.

Standing on the dark square will cause a power outlet to rise at the left of the stage – plug in your Poltergust and suck up the DJ booth and sound system. Through the rear wall, you will find the DJ Ghost’s green room – and her impressive collection of red wigs.

Disengage the Poltergust and enter the green room. When vacuuming up the wigs on the righthand shelf you may notice that the there is a wigless mannequin head that cannot be vacuumed up – hit it with the dark-light beam to give it a full head of hair and you will get the blue gem as a reward

Vacuum up every item of clothing in the cloakroom and a panel will swing open, relinquishing the green gem.

The record decks at the left of the elevator hall can be played in the same way as those mentioned for Dance Hall Gem 2 above – blow air at them, and a square section of wall will protrude to the right of the breakdancing neon sign. Switch to the second character and do your best Super Mario Bros. impression – stand under the block and repeatedly stomp (ZL+ZR) – after a few coins, your block bashing will give you the violet gem.

The illuminated floor outside the fourteenth floor elevator aren’t just for show – walk over the darkened tiles (without stepping off) and they will illuminate one by one. Complete the route and two tiles will darken. Stand on them with Luigi and Gooigi and repeat until the floor turns into a set of stairs.

Follow the stairs down to the secret vault – send Gooigi through the bars to claim the treasure within, including the gold gem.

All good things must come to an end, and the hotel owner’s swanky penthouse apartment is the last real floor of the hotel. You’ll have to visit every room here on the way to final bosses anyway, but be on the lookout for gems.

If you haven’t yet got all of the gems, note that the door north of Hellen Gravely’s office (where Luigi is stood in our map) is more or less the point of no return (though each save profile will contain two saves you can go back to after completing the game).

Exit the lounge and turn left and you will find a sculpture on a pedestal casting a shadow on a piece of abstract Boo art. Blow out air from your Poltergust to rotate the pedestal and change the shape of the shadow – from a particular angle it will match the Boo silhouette on the opposite wall. The art will part revealing a second piece with a Luigi outline – rotate the pedestal again until the shadow matches this new outline. You will receive the white gem for doing this.

Once you have dodged and deactivated the lasers in the library’s lower level, head through the lefthand door and you will find an indestructible brown book.

Take the book back up to the upper level and place it in the empty spot on the right shelf. The shelf will slide open and you will receive the red gem.

Use your Poltergust to turn off the running shower in the upper right of the master bathroom and send Gooigi through the drain.

Walk down-screen and turn left – climb in the lower green pipe to emerge on the wooden bridge. Grab the blue gem.

Use both characters to stand on both of the coffee tables in the sunken seating area and you will receive the green gem.

In the upper left of the lounge area there is a green pipe on the wall which will lead Gooigi to the top of the elevator enclosure. Walk around and drop into a hole hidden behind the pillar at the top of the enclosure. Inside the elevator shaft you will be able to pick up the violet gem.

Firing a plunger at the rightmost mannequin in the master bedroom transforms the back-half of the room into a giant see-saw, a necessary step on the way to getting one of the four keys required to get into the hotel owner’s office. Spend too long on either side and you will be tipped off into the abyss below, making it best to use Gooigi. You’ll also be dodging lasers while you ascend (stomp to stir up the dust and make the lasers visible).

Another reason to employ your liquid doppelganger for this task is that if you can walk the see-saw up to the very top, you will be able to step through some bars to claim the Gold gem. As you can see in the screenshots above, you don’t need to stand too far to either side to move the platform – the most important thing is to spend just the right amount of time there in order to not tip it too far, or too little.

Whoa, that's your lot. Thanks for reading this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gem Location guide. Hopefully, you found it useful, if you spot anything incorrect feel free to leave us a comment below!

Why would you put solutions up on the very day of release guys?!?I mean come on. At least let players work at it for a little while. Jeez.

I’ve whizzed through this so to avoid spoilers but I do think it’s very weird why you would put solutions up when some people like myself are still waiting fir their game to arrive, you guys getting desperate for clicks or something?

Wow... this so... not cool?Game isn't even on the market for 24 hrs, and already a guide to get everything in the game.

Gaming these days is ruined by all (early) guides, creditcards, microtransactions. There is no real "discovered by myself" anymore.

I do not appreciate having the number of in-game collectibles to discover being spoiled on the very day of release. That's uncalled for.

Sorry about that, we've hidden this from the homepage for the time being, but we need to get our guides live on launch day otherwise they will never appear in search results as other people publish theirs before ours... some people will be blitzing through the game this weekend and might need help - so we recommend simply not clicking on it unless you need it!

@RupeeClock I do understand that. I also understand that being on a Nintendo-related news website there might be a slight chance that I stumbled upon an article like this, which on such a website does not look like clickbait to me but rather the average type of content you might expect to find.

What function do the gems have? I'm having fun looking for them, but the science dude either didn't mention why they're important or I was pushing A too fast

@sleepinglion It's definitely a case of the puzzles being the reward themselves. If you collect every last one you will be able to select a minor cosmetic change in the gallery section in E. Gadd's lab. Same with the Boos. I doesn't even seem to be a case of the gems contributing to your gold reserves (and by extension, your final grade).

Something to show off with in Scarescraper mode, I suppose, but I wouldn't want to scare people off finding them when the reward is so miniscule because finding them was probably the most fun part of the game for me.

I actually appreciate this guide, as I was going nuts trying to find the green gem in the great stage, only to find out that I can't get it until floor 12. Had no idea there were still upgrades left in the game. Kind of a dirty trick for the game to pull IMO but now I know!

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