Women are zapping their faces with radio waves instead of plastic surgery New York Post Page Six Page Six Style Decider

Remodeling: It isn’t just for ’90s-era kitchens anymore. By harnessing the power of radio frequency and ultrasound technology, skin experts are zapping below the epidermal surface, “remodeling” tissue to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The process results, they claim, in tighter, more youthful looking jawlines and necks. The best part (at least according to fans)? Because the procedures are noninvasive, there’s little to no downtime. Both techniques use energy — a k a heat — to smooth fine lines and firm contours. They’re also deployed to de-jiggle pudgy bellies and wobbly thighs, and soften creasing in the décolletage area. There are three main types of radio-frequency (RF) treatments: monopolar, bipolar and multipolar. They differ by the degree of skin penetration, and practitioners choose a system based on the body part and intensity of repair. Mono dives deepest — up to 20 millimeters below the epidermis. (Back in 2010, Demi Moore was rumored to be spending a whopping $150,000 per year on Thermage, the best-known monopolar treatment.) Bipolar options, like VelaShape, perform their magic in the 2-to-4 millimeter range. And new multipolar treatments, such as ...

Coffee and rolls were served by the local EMS volunteers to a small crowd on Sunday,

Coffee and rolls were served by the local EMS volunteers to a small crowd on Sunday, May 19, at the Petersburg Fire Station. EMS members displayed equipment in the fire department community room. They also provided free blood pressure and oxygen level checks, along with glucose tests. They demonstrated the Lucas 3 automatic compression machine, which is more effective at giving equal CPR compressions. The machine never gets tired. They also showed gurney and immobilization procedures. The department encourages anyone who is interested in attending classes and becoming an EMS member to contact any one on the Petersburg squad. New members are always needed. Picosecond Laser, 808nm Diode Laser, Nyd Laser, Hifu Machine – ALWAYS Beauty,https://www.alwaysdiode.com/