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Style doesn’t come easy. That’s why we’ve sifted through tomes of product pages to gather the best style gifts we could find and streamline that quest. Though there’s plenty out on the digital shelves to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to 20 picks to up your giftee’s style game.

Whether the wearer will actually be diving or just wearing it in his day-to-day, dive watches are some of the toughest made — built to withstand almost anything. Add on a gorgeous, blue ocean wave dial and grey and matching blue rotating bezel, like the one on Seiko’s Prospex Automatic Diver, and you have a gift that any watch appreciator will be drooling over.

A simple gift that goes a long way, a shoe horn is an easy way to keep his fancy shoes tapping for seasons to come.

There’s a spot on every style listicle reserved specifically for the Levi’s 501 jean. It’s the accompanying dictionary photo for ‘classic,’ has the advantage of seniority and is (almost) impossible to screw up.

He’s well-stocked on plain socks. Get him fun socks that don’t scream 2010 legacy men’s mag and instead are distinctly 2019.

Jewelry can jingle its way into gaudy faster than you can unclasp an Alyx hero chain necklace. He knows this. Bestow him with jewelry that’ll add a measured amount of taste.

Kapital’s sought out by fashion geeks and style newcomers alike and their quality is top-notch from head to toe. Same goes for their bandanas, a small accessory that can turn an outfit big.

Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside each issue, you’ll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. Get four print magazines — delivered quarterly — with an annual subscription.

Why do we still have to tell people to slim down their wallet? It’s a noble cause that we’re still fighting for and this wallet is on the right side of history.

J.Crew knows that their best bangers were some of the oldest. I remember the first time I saw one of these classic rollneck sweaters years and years ago, so I was stoked to see the brand revive it.

Artist Geoff McFetridge let Warby Parker riff on his vintage pair of keyhole sunglasses and we’re all for it.

Jewelry can be a risky gift. This classic chain necklace from Canadian jewelry brand Maple is a safe bet.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. A good fragrance is also part of good style. This one has bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, vetiver as well as white cedar wood.

If Timberland Boots was a restaurant, the most popular item on the menu would be their Original Premium Waterproof Boot. But, their 3 Eye Lug Shoe is what back of house orders.

Style starts before he even gets dressed. That means grooming. GilletteLab’s innovative new razor incorporates heat right into the razor itself so he can get a head start on style.

Hamilton has been making the best button up shirts since 1883. If he’s going to have an oxford shirt, it might as well be from the best.

Evan Kinori’s FW19 makeup of his perennial Field Shirt comes in a Casentino wool that’s miles away from any synthetic fleece you can find. Match that with top-notch construction and your giftee will be thanking you for years.

Brooklyn Tailors’s shirt jacket is equal parts casual shirt and a lightweight jacket. Help him layer over a t-shirt or button down.

Whether you need a new bag for school or for traveling the world, these packs are the best options to throw on your back. Start Saving

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China Hexagon Bolt

Among the sea of products built for the ubiquitous “modern man on the move,” Troubadour stands above the rest with obsessive detailing and clinic-clean lines.

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