The Traffic Safety News Group publishes traffic safety publications to fit your information and budget needs. There are daily newswire summaries updated continuously and two bi-monthly newsletters containing the complete stories.

Every day we spend hours reviewing and analyzing huge quantities of traffic safety information, eliminating marginal and limited news. We cut information from self-serving sources that provide journalists with questionable information or propaganda they may want to promote. What’s left is the hard news - the objective information. We consolidate and condense the most important stories, providing our readers with honest, objective, and concise information they can count on. It also means that they can be brought up to speed in a matter of minutes vs. hours of searching.

You and I know there’s a lot of information out there. But consider the sources and take a look at how they’re financed. Most are paid for by advertising, so there are the advertisers to please. And most groups and organizations are funded by special interests, so they’re pressured to put just the right spin on the “news” they disseminate to make their funding sources look good.

The Traffic Safety News Group is different. Why? Because our publications do not contain any advertising and we flatly refuse any special interest funding. Since we’re 100 percent subscriber-supported, our sole obligation is honest information to our readers.

Traffic Safety Newswire and Newsletters

  • with integrity and independence
  • without advertising or special interest funding
  • with staff that has more than 70 years of combined experience

Meet the experienced professionals who provide you with the information you need:

S. Paul Stamler – Editor & Publisher

For more than 35 years, Paul has been editor and publisher of Stamler Publishing which, to date, is still the only independent publishing company in the traffic safety field.

The partial list of subscribers to the right reads like a Who’s Who in traffic safety. Many of these professionals have been loyal readers for decades and rely on Paul’s experience, integrity, and expertise. He tells it like it is; his readers have confidence that they’re getting the news they need.

Kathy-Leigh Russo – Managing Editor

Kathy has been with the company for more than 18 years, researching and writing stories and overseeing the editorial that goes in every issue of the publication. Her dedication and experience ensures that the stories we publish are accurate, meaningful, and to the point.

Prior to coming to Stamler Publishing, Kathy served as director of Reports and Records for the Connecticut State Police where she was an in-house writer and editor.

Barbara Whiton – Associate Editor

Barbara is the most recent addition to our staff. She has extensive writing and editing experience, which includes work on journals of the American Chemical Society in addition to other projects at Yale University, New York University, and as a freelancer.

Sue Reutenauer – Customer Support and Circulation

Sue has been with the company for over 14 years, ensuring that our subscribers get exactly the kind of prompt, personalized service they’ve come to expect. In all her years with Stamler Publishing, not one reader has failed to be satisfied with their relationship with us.

Editorial and Publication Offices: 178 Thimble Islands Rd., P.O. Box 3367, Branford CT 06405, U.S.A. phone (203) 488-9808 fax (203) 488-3129 email: hvsr@trafficsafetynews.com

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